Sunny Deol Says He Didn’t Like ‘Certain Things’ In Bobby Deol’s Animal: “I Have The Right To…” Read Here!

Speaking about Animal, which starred Bobby Deol, Ranbir Kapoor, Rashmika Mandanna, and Anil Kapoor, Sunny Deol mentioned that he didn’t like certain parts of the movie.

Speaking with PTI, he stated, “I am genuinely happy for Bobby. I have watched Animal, and I liked it, it’s a nice film. There are certain things that I did not like, which I don’t like in many films including my own films. But that’s as a person I have the right to like or not like but in totality it is a nice film. The music is very good and it goes hand in glove with the sequences. Bobby has always been Bobby, but now he is Lord Bobby.”

Bobby Deol recently made a triumphant return to the big screen with his latest film, Animal. The actor captivated the audience with his performance and has since become the talk of the town, despite having little screen time and no dialogue. The actor has drawn criticism for a scene in which he pushes himself on his new bride. At long last, the actor has discussed playing the contentious sequence.

Speaking candidly about performing the contentious “marital rape scene” in Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s Animal, Bobby Deol recently spoke with Bollywood Bubble. “From the time I heard my character, I knew there was so much I could do with it without even speaking a word. In fact, without speaking a word gave me some kind of energy that brought something out in me. When I was performing, I had no inhibitions whatsoever.”


Bobby Deol spoke about his role as Abrar Haque and said, “I was just portraying this character who is savage, who is an evil man and this is how he treats his women, this is how he is. And that’s how I portrayed it. He’s actually a romantic with his three wives.”