Sunny Kaushal Recalls Being Rejected For A Shampoo Advertisement- Exclusive

Sunny Kaushal revealed in an interview that he was rejected in his first audition for a shampoo commercial and told that he is not a good actor. Sunny is set to star in the next movie Shiddat.

During an interview, Sunny Kaushal said, “My first audition, I remember, was for a shampoo ad. In that, the casting director told me that I cannot act. I was shattered, really shattered. Only to look back and think, ‘It was a shampoo ad. I did not crack a shampoo ad, where I just had to pull the shampoo bottle out of the bag, show it to the camera and sell the shampoo. If I did not crack that, I was a bad actor at that time.”

The actor, who starred in Akshay Kumar’s 2019 film Gold, added: “But, that’s what made me what I am today. Good, bad doesn’t matter. It gave me the courage and strength to keep looking ahead and say, ‘One day I will. Deep down in my heart, I want to do a shampoo ad. The day I get a shampoo ad, I will be like, ‘Man, I am an actor today!”

When asked how he looks back on his early days in the Hindi film industry, Sunny said: “We use the term struggle a lot these days. It is such an individual thing. It can be different for different people. How do you define struggle for someone?”

He added, “If I had to talk about myself, I am from Mumbai. I had a roof over my head, I did not have to pay electricity bills, I did not have to pay any rent. I did not have to bother about any such thing. At the same time, I still wanted to be what I wanted to be (an actor). That was my goal, that is my goal.”

He further said, “Struggle is a very retrospective thing. You look back and think, ‘Oh! I have dealt with so much.’ One person can say, ‘I went for my first audition, and cracked it. That is great, really great for them. Somebody (else) can say, ‘I have been at it for four years and still haven’t made it.’ That is how I look at it. I did not crack it in my first attempt. I was rejected in my first audition.”

The actor has completed shooting for his next film Shiddat in march 2020 and was targeting a September 2020 release but the release was indefinitely delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic. As per buzz the movie will premiere on Disney+Hotstar.

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