Sunny Leone is a  ravishing actress, a power-packed talent house, an amazing dancer, and undoubtedly an amazing personality; but despite all this, the actress has put her best feet forward in the Bollywood industry by giving some stellar performances. Working from adult movies in Hollywood to taking up lead female star’s space on the big screen in Bollywood, her journey is nothing less than a roller coaster ride. Sunny Leone On Flying To The US With Family Amid Coronavirus.

Bollywood actress Sunny Leone with Hubby Daniel webber

It was in May that actress Sunny Leone, alongside her whole family, jetted off to the US in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. The couple took this choice for their children’s security, as they felt that it would be a lot more secure for them abroad. Sunny and her family had reached Los Angeles through a KLM government flight.

Sunny Leone with daughter and husband Daniel Webber

Presently, in her recent interview with Times Of India, the entertainer opened up on her choice and how simple or troublesome was it for her little children to adjust to a totally extraordinary condition. She additionally let the cat out of the bag on her arrangements of returning to Mumbai. The entertainer said how it was a 39-hour-long excursion and how she was miserable to leave Mumbai.

“It was a 39-hour-long excursion. It was tiring, however, some way or another, the flight timings turned out to be well for the children’s resting plans. By and by, I was miserable to leave Mumbai, and trust me, I would not like to leave, which is the reason it took us such a long time to choose to come here. In any case, it was important for us to associate with Daniel’s mom and his family. Like every other person, they needed to be with their friends and family,”. She included how they don’t design doing anything starting at now since they have set aside some savings to have a comfortable life.

The actress includes that, shockingly, her children are enjoying over there and they invest the majority of their energy playing outside, in spite of the fact that it required some investment for their body clocks to adjust.

After being gotten some information about her arrangements of coming back to Mumbai, she stated, “As I stated, I would not like to leave my Mumbai home by any stretch of the imagination. The arrangement to come back to India depends on when universal flights continue, ordinarily. As soon we can fly back, we will. We want to be on the next flight to India.”