Sunny Leone Speaks Out On Deepfakes; Says To Young Girls, ‘It’s Not Your Fault’

In a recent interview with India Today, Sunny Leone voiced her concerns about the misuse of AI technology, urging women to report deepfake videos and photos. The actor emphasized that this issue is not a recent one, sharing her own experience of falling victim to deepfakes for years. In November 2023, Rashmika Mandanna also spoke out against a deepfake video of herself, calling for action against the misuse of technology.

These things have happened to me

In response to the sharing of morphed photos of actor Anushka Sen with derogatory comments, Sunny Leone shared her perspective, acknowledging similar incidents in her own life. She encouraged young girls to recognize that it’s not their fault and advised them to take action. Leone emphasized the importance of reporting such incidents to the cyber cell and seeking help on social media platforms where technical assistance is available. She assured that the system is there to support individuals facing such challenges.

Celebs worry about their likeness being misused

Sunny Leone highlighted the challenges celebrities face with deepfakes, noting that precautions are challenging due to the mindset of those creating malicious content. She explained the concern about the misuse of celebrities’ likenesses through fake photos, videos, and voices, emphasizing that this issue has been persistent for a long time. Sunny acknowledged that the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) has added complexity to the situation, making it crucial for individuals to stay vigilant and report such incidents.

Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video

Rashmika Mandanna faced a distressing incident last year when a deepfake video circulated on social media, misleadingly portraying her. In response, Rashmika called for collective action, stressing the misuse of technology in such instances. She expressed gratitude for the support from her family, friends, and well-wishers while acknowledging the frightening nature of the deepfake video. The viral content featured a British-Indian woman in black, digitally altered through artificial intelligence to resemble Rashmika in an elevator scene.