Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski Faces Backlash Over ‘Fatphobic’ Photoshoot

Criticism has arisen against supermodel and actor Emily Ratajkowski for a photoshoot that fans perceive as mocking plus-size fashion. In an Instagram post, the 32-year-old model showcased different outfits and participated in a spread for the French magazine Le Monde. One specific snapshot from the collection has drawn significant backlash from social media users.

Photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch captured the series of photos. In the second snapshot, Emily Ratajkowski is portrayed standing inside one leg of a pair of jeans, holding the waistband to the side, seemingly emphasizing a notable size contrast.

Controversial Photoshoot: Emily Ratajkowski Faces Backlash for Mocking Plus-Size Fashion

The controversy sparked a discussion on the disconnect between Emily’s body image advocacy and the perceived insensitivity of the photoshoot. Comments expressed disappointment with the fashion industry’s continued lack of inclusivity and the portrayal of unconventional body sizes. The incident emphasized the importance of aligning actions with public statements, especially in promoting body positivity and diversity within the modeling and fashion realms.

Mocking Criticism

Fans expressed disappointment and criticism towards Emily Ratajkowski’s recent photoshoot, particularly taking issue with the second photo in the series. Known for her advocacy on body image issues, Emily faced backlash as the image seemed to mock plus-size fashion. The controversial photo, captured by photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch, featured Emily standing in one leg of a pair of jeans, holding the waistband to the side, emphasizing a significant size difference. The response on social media highlighted the ongoing challenges in the fashion industry’s representation and inclusivity.

Social media users condemned the image, raising questions about its message and pointing out the contradiction with Emily’s past discussions on body image struggles. This backlash underscores ongoing concerns about the fashion industry’s representation and inclusivity.