Supriya Pathak Recalls Rishi Kapoor As a Fan And Naseeruddin Shah’s Reaction To Khichdi

Viewers have consistently cherished Supriya Pathak’s depiction of Hansa Parekh in the Khichdi franchise. Presently, the actress is gearing up for the release of Khichdi 2. In a recent interview, the seasoned actor revealed that the late Rishi Kapoor and her brother-in-law, Naseeruddin Shah, were fans of the show.

She shared intriguing anecdotes while reminiscing about their appreciation for the series.

Supriya Pathak says Rishi Kapoor and Sridevi were fans of her Khichdi character Hansa; reveals what Naseeruddin Shah said about show | Bollywood News - The Indian Express

In a recent interview with PTI, Supriya Pathak shared her experience of working with Rishi Kapoor in “All is Well.” She revealed that Rishi ji, acknowledging him as a fan, would often inquire, “How did you do this?” during their collaboration.

She went on to share that members of her family, including her husband, actor Pankaj Kapur, and brother-in-law Naseeruddin Shah, have also taken delight in the show. Supriya mentioned that Kapur holds a special fondness for JD Majethia’s portrayal of Himanshu, Hansa Parekh’s younger brother.

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She expressed, “Everybody in my family adored Khichdi; they are fans of it. Pankaj and my kids loved Khichdi. It is true that JD (as Himanshu) is Pankaj’s favorite; it’s definitely not me.”

Continuing the conversation, Supriya Pathak also touched upon Naseeruddin Shah’s response, highlighting his genuine appreciation for the show. Recalling the moment, she shared, “But Naseer came up to me once and said, ‘It is a very good show.’ It is a big thing for Naseer to say.” She concluded by expressing the collective anticipation within her family for the upcoming Khichdi 2.

The Khichdi franchise comprises a well-received TV series and two movies. Premiering on Star Plus on September 10, 2002, the TV series revolves around the Parekh family, a Gujarati household residing in an ancient mansion. The second season, titled “Instant Khichdi,” aired from July to August 2005. In 2018, a new series carried forward the comical escapades of the family.

Parekh family set to be back with 'Khichdi 2' this Diwali. Read details - India Today
Aatish Kapadia, the director of the original installment, is at the helm once again for the upcoming film “Khichdi 2.”

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