Surbhi Chandna Opens Up About Stressful Wedding Preparations: ‘Planning Turned…’

13 years of love, now forever together.

Popular television actress Surbhi Chandna recently shared glimpses into her wedding preparations and the excitement surrounding her impending nuptials with longtime boyfriend Karan. The couple, who have been adding colours to each other’s lives for 13 years, is all set to embark on their journey of forever togetherness.

Surbhi To Marry In March

Stressful Wedding Preparations

In a candid revelation, Surbhi expressed the challenges and stress associated with wedding preparations. She humorously shared that the process has turned her hair white. She lightheartedly remarked on the difficulty of planning a wedding. Surbhi also emphasized that despite the stress, everything is falling into place. The actress playfully noted that the “Naagin” has found her perfect match, and all is well.


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Visiting the Temple for Blessings

Ahead of their big day, Surbhi and Karan sought divine blessings by visiting a temple together. This heartfelt gesture underscores their commitment to each other and the spiritual dimension of their union. The couple, accompanied by their dog, embraced the sanctity of the moment, signifying the beginning of their journey into marital bliss.


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Social Media Love Pouring In

Surbhi Chandna, known for engaging performances on-screen, shared the joyful news of her impending wedding on social media. The announcement post, featuring the couple with their beloved dog, exuded warmth and happiness. Fans flooded the comment section with love and good wishes, celebrating the union of their favourite stars.

Surbhi’s reel-to-real love story unfolds.

Looking Back at Surbhi’s Career

The talented actress was last seen in “Sherdil Sheargil,” leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of her fans. As she steps into this new chapter of her life, Surbhi’s admirers eagerly anticipate glimpses of her wedding and the celebration of love that has been 13 years in the making.

Surbhi Chandna and Karan’s wedding has become a talking point among fans and the industry, with everyone eagerly awaiting more updates and glimpses of the joyous occasion.

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