“Sushant Singh Rajput Believed Both His Sisters Were After His Money” Says Rhea Chakraborty

The death of Sushant Singh Rajput brough a great change in Bollywood. Since his death, NCB, ED and CBI are investigating to find the right thing. Everyone is demanding justice for SSR and then the drug angle emerged in the case and Rhea Chakraborty was arrested by the police for being a drug consumer along with the other people.

Now, Bollywood entertainer expressed that her late beau, Sushant Singh Rajput had felt that his sisters are behind his cash back in the year 2019. Sharing further insights concerning the this, Rhea shared that when Sushant was experiencing depression, he had informed his sisters about the same and had requested assistance. Soon his sisters had come to Mumbai and had prompted him to complete his treatment in Chandigarh. Yet, the entertainer would not go with them since he had felt that the two his sisters, Shweta Singh Kirti and Mita Singh were after his cash and property. Rhea additionally referenced that it was November 26, 2019, when Sushant had called her and had disclosed to her all about it.

All things considered, this isn’t the main historic disclosure that Rhea referenced in her bail supplication, as she additionally discussed the effect of late entertainers, Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s demise on his psychological state. In her bail supplication, Rhea uncovered that the effect of Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor’s passing had crumbled Sushant’s psychological wellness. She additionally included that Sushant had begun hearing his mom, Usha Singh’s voices and had told her about the same in the early June 2020.

Rhea also referenced in her bail request that Sushant had attempted to battle despondency and had educated her back in January 2020 that he had viewed Jim Carrey’s excursion with misery. Rhea additionally included that Sushant was super-charged and propelled to take a shot at his psychological maladjustment. In any case, with time, he essentially couldn’t put forth it regardless of his best attempts. Rhea’s bail supplication was before booked to be heard on September 23, 2020, at the Bombay High Court. In any case, presently it has been booked for September 24, 2020, as a result of the substantial precipitation that were going on in the city. Notwithstanding, there are still no updates from the court about the consultation for the time being, and there are chances that it’ll be moved for a further date once more.