We can never recognize what an individual is holing up behind his/her grin. Something similar was happened with Bollywood rising star Sushant Singh Rajput. We lost him and now its been two days already and the whole nation is still under shock because of supposed despondency. Who might have imagined that one of the most encouraging entertainers of Bollywood, who consistently discussed the positives of everything was experiencing a great deal of depression?

It has been around two days yet Sushant Singh Rajput’s inopportune and sad end has still got the fans grieving. He draped himself to death on Sunday evening after his announced fight with wretchedness from the previous barely any years. The Kai Po Che on-screen character’s demise has additionally fuelled the conversation ‘nepotism’ via web-based networking media with fans claiming certain movie producers and on-screen characters of snatching his chances and driving him into the puddle of discouragement.


Several famous people additionally uncovered how they thought about Sushant’s condition however none stood firm against who is to be accused for it. Also, as nepotism, Bollywood camps/mafias pattern on Twitter, Raveena Tandon took to her internet based life and reviewed her experience confronting comparative circumstances.

The actress, in her tweet, returned to her old injuries by composing how the ‘mean girl gang’ and ‘camps’ do exist in the film business. She included that how certain heriones are ridiculed, dropped from their movies because of the impact of their girl friends. Raveena additionally uncovered the clouded side of reporting by saying how stories are deliberately planted to obliterate an individual’s vocation. Alluding to Sushant’s sad passing, Raveena said how while some retaliate and endure, some surrender to it.

Her tweet read, “‘mean girl”gang of the industry.Camps do exist.Made fun of,bn expelled from films by Heroes,their girlfriends,Journo chamchas&their career destroying counterfeit media stories.Sometimes professions are destroyed.U battle to keep afloat.fight backSome endure Some Dont.#oldwoundsrevisited.”

Sushant Singh Rajput Sister-in-law Sudha Devi
Sushant Singh Rajput

Responding to her tweet, fans commended the on-screen character for valiantly reality and uncovering the clouded side of Bollywood. A user stated, “At long last you said reality the cruel truth everyone needs to realize how individuals with merit are sidelined by these khans and kapoors with low IQ of the business or coop they run with the assistance of hawala funding. What’s more, how just common people and star kids are empowered. Much thanks to you,” while another additional, “Yes dear I do recall how they nagged you by calling u cursed as though the saints never made a difference ,however you were fortunately an extreme young lady nd survived.”

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