Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl’s adorable photos never fail to set hearts racing with their adorable photos on social media. Last year in November the actress revealed that she is dating Rohman Shawl and since then they have been redefining couple goals. But just when we were expecting a happily ever after Rohman shared a few cryptic posts on love and relationships and the expectations people set in for their partners and when they fail to live up to those expectations. His post could be read as, “HEY YOU. Yes, I am talking to you!! What’s bothering you?? Come on, I am all ears to you for the next 24 hours… Talk to me.” It further stated, “Don’t worry. It’s only between you and me!! Talk to me.”

It could be further read as “So you feel you are doing too much in a relationship and your partner isn’t reciprocating… It’s alright!! You need to understand that what you do for your partner is your call, don’t put your him/her under the obligation of loving you the same way!! Do things for them because you genuinely feel like doing it, not because you expect them to do the same for you!!” The next one stated, “So you expect your partner to treat you right because you are in a relationship with them? If someone doesn’t treat you right and you are still with them, it’s your fault!! Love yourself.”

He finally concluded it with, “So you get bored when you are by yourself? Ok so how do you expect others to find you interesting when you can’t even entertain yourself!! Spend at least 15-20 mins daily with yourself, without any phone, Tv, books or anyone. Listen to the voice from within which is trying to talk to you, it has all the answers!”

In an interview with Rajeev Masand for the web segment “Women We Love”, Sushmita opened up about her love life and how she met beau Rohman Shawl. She said, “It’s a very, very beautiful serendipity story. He sent me a direct message on Instagram and I didn’t check direct messages because I wasn’t sure if you check it, you may be allowing that person to start communicating with you. So, I had too many of these direct messages and I had not opened any and there it was. Touch screen phone ki Jai ho because I had gone to the DM to look at what all had come and I was scrolling through and this boy broke something in the room and I went talking to him and when I came back I had obviously opened one of the DMs and it was a message from him and I was like ‘Oh my god, how did I do that, god I should never be talking when I am near a phone’.”

Sushmita Sen further went on to reveal what her first text to Rohman Shawl was and how he couldn’t believe that miss universe has replied to him. Sushmita Sen said her first text to Rohman was “Thank you so much, your message made my day, I wish you all the happiness in the world.” And he again sent her a message which won her heart. He had replied, “I am jumping from one room to another, I cannot believe you responded.”

She had further added, how they started talking on Instagram and how he once asked her out on a football date. She said, “And then, I got to know him slowly when I came back and that too was an open offer to come play football with him.”

Well, we hope that it’s just a lover’s tiff and they resolve the issues soon.

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