Sushmita Sen’s Swollen Face At An Event Worries Fans; User Labels It ‘Cushing Syndrome’

Bollywood diva, Sushmita Sen is ageing like a fine wine in her 40’s. For the unversed, Sushmita Sen is an Indian actress and model who earned praises with her Miss Universe title in 1994. The actress has appeared in several Bollywood films and is known for her impeccable talent on screen. Although she radiates a positive outlook in  her life, yet she also suffered a major heart attack in March 2023 while working in one of her projects. Sushmita Sen recently attended a launch event celebration in a stunning ensemble. However, the actress came under the radar for her swollen face which left her fans concerned. Read ahead to know the complete story.

Sushmita Sen's Swollen Face At An Event Worries Fans; User Labels It 'Cushing Syndrome'

Sushmita Sen’s face comes under the radar of internet users

Sushmita Sen’s two pictures from a launch event are going viral over the Reddit platform. The event featured the brand endorsement of Titan watches and the actress was seen posing alongside a lady dressed in a black saree. The diva mesmerized fans with her gorgeous look in a black-hued midi dress which had a sheer lace detailing over the neckline. She accentuated her look by opting glam makeup and wavy curls.

However, the picture didn’t go well with a user and he took a dig at Sushmita’s strange and awkward facial expressions. He wrote: “OMG what did i just see? (In frame: Sushmita sen??).”

Sushmita Sen's Swollen Face At An Event Worries Fans; User Labels It 'Cushing Syndrome'

Netizens distressed over Sushmita Sen’s puffy look after taking steroids

Internet users expressed their dejection over Sushmita Sen’s weird face after her picture went viral. The users stated that she has Addison’s disease and the actress has been consuming steroids since 2014. One user wrote, “It seems she has gained weight plus her Addison’s disease is making her look different. She will bounce back”. While a second user commented, “She looks kinda cute with fuller face.” A third one penned, “No hate, but genuinely curious. WTF happened to her face? Is she ok”

When Sushmita Sen revealed being diagnosed with auto-immune disease, Addison’s disease

Bollywood actress, Sushmita Sen once shared that she has been diagnosed with the auto-immune disease in 2015. The actress further revealed that she has been dependent on steroids ever since the diagnose. In one of the article published in ‘The Week’, Sushmita talked about her health and wrote:

“Of all the lows that I have faced, my health has possibly been the one thing that did shake me up. I am suffering from Addison’s disease, an autoimmune disorder in which the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormones. I was diagnosed in 2014 and it has been pretty traumatizing ever since.”

Sushmita Sen's Swollen Face At An Event Worries Fans; User Labels It 'Cushing Syndrome'

Sushmita even made people aware of the ramifications steroids can have on one’s health. In her words:

“Having to be steroid dependent has a negative impact on you, but I thank God that at least I was in a position to get the best medical help and do what needs to be done. It made me question whether I would be able to sustain this long enough, how it would impact my kids and the responsibilities that I have. This made me question a lot of things and made me realize how health is wealth. It really is.”