Swara Bhaskar Celebrates 36th Birthday; Husband Fahad Ahmad Calls Her ‘Magic Lamp’

Today marks the 36th birthday of the talented actress Swara Bhaskar, and her husband, Fahad Ahmad, didn’t miss a beat to shower her with love and affection.

Taking to social media, Fahad Ahmad shared a touching birthday wish for his beloved wife. Alongside a heartwarming picture of Swara Bhaskar with family, he penned a heartfelt note expressing gratitude for her presence in their lives, likening her to a “magic lamp” that illuminates their world.

A Glimpse into Raabiyaa’s Annaprashan Ceremony

The couple recently celebrated their daughter Raabiyaa’s Annaprashan ceremony, a traditional milestone in a baby’s life. Swara Bhaskar shared enchanting snapshots from the event, capturing moments of parental pride and joy. Little Raabiyaa, adorned in a charming red dress and bow headband, stole the spotlight, while her parents doted on her with love and affection.

Swara and Fahad’s Journey

Just a year ago, Swara Bhaskar and Fahad Ahmad publicly declared their love and tied the knot surrounded by family and friends. The arrival of their daughter Raabiyaa blessed their union, bringing immeasurable happiness into their lives. The couple often shares glimpses of their journey into parenthood, offering fans a peek into their blissful family life.

In a heartfelt announcement, they introduced Raabiyaa to the world, expressing gratitude for the blessing bestowed upon them. Their joyous journey into parenthood continues to inspire fans and followers alike.

What’s Next for Swara Bhaskar?

While enjoying the bliss of motherhood, Swara Bhaskar continues to pursue her passion for acting. Fans eagerly await her upcoming project, “Mrs Falani,” directed by Manish Kishore, where she is set to captivate audiences once again with her stellar performance.

As Swara Bhaskar embraces another year of life, surrounded by love and warmth from her family, fans join in wishing her a year filled with happiness, success, and countless memorable moments. Happy Birthday, Swara Bhaskar!