Swara Bhaskar Creates Sensation Sharing Picture Of Her ‘Suhagraat Bed’ Decorated With Flowers: See!

Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar recently married political activist and sapa leader Fahad Ahmad. she unexpectedly stirred up social networks by sharing her wedding photos. People were shocked when Swara shared with her fans all the details of her marriage to her boyfriend. Now she has surprised everyone by releasing photos from her honeymoon. This photo has become a hot topic on social media.

Swara Bhaskar shares her honeymoon bed picture

Swara has shared a photo on her Instagram story of the Bed adorned with flowers.The special thing about the bridal bed is that it was decorated by Swara’s mother herself. Swara thanks her mother for this sage and mentions her in the story, writing that she did her best to make her wedding night filmy.

Swara once told her husband ‘Brother’

Swara also shares many photos with her husband Fahad Ahmed. Some of them are dressed in red. Swara is the darling of social media trolls, but whatever status or image she shares, she becomes a target. However, after her marriage, a previous article that mentioned her husband’s brother, Pard, became a hot topic. People started writing Bhaiyya Bane Saiyya.

Swara took class of Trollers

After seeing how her husband was trolled, Swara learns about trolls in the most familiar way. But whatever social media users do, they don’t want to be forgotten. Tell us about Fahad Ahmed. He is an activist and youth leader of the Samajwadi political party. Swara meets him during protests and love grows out of this friendship.