Swara Bhasker Reveals ‘The Problem’ In Kangana Ranaut’s Slapping Case: ‘What’ll She Say Now?’

Several days after Kangana Ranaut’s slapping incident, Swara Bhasker has responded. Swara, who played Kangana’s best friend in the hit film ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, criticised the CISF woman but also offered advice to Kangana.

In the interview with Connect Cine, Swara Bhasker further said, “Kangana Ranaut was slapped, but that shouldn’t have happened.”

Swara Bhaskar Shocking Reaction On Kangana Ranaut’s Slapping Incident

Recently, In her reaction to the slapping incident involving Kangana Ranaut, Swara Bhaskar criticized the CISF woman officer who slapped Kangana and the incident itself.

Swara said, “Any sensible person would say that what happened to Kangana was wrong. No one supports violence or what Kangana went through. Yes, what happened to her was wrong. No one has the right to assault anyone.”

Swara Bhaskar

Swara Bhaskar

In an interview with Connect Cine, Swara further said, “Kangana Ranaut was slapped, but that shouldn’t have happened. She is alive and has security. In this country, people are dying, and losing their lives. Deaths are happening due to lynching. An army officer is killing people on trains. People are dying in riots.”

Kangana Ranaut was supporting violence. Swara Bhasker further said, “There are videos of security personnel beating people. Those who justify all these incidents shouldn’t come and teach us about Kangana’s case.”

Actress Swara also spoke about Kangana’s old tweets where Kangana seemed to justify violence. Swara said, “The problem with Kangana’s case is that she has been justifying violence on her platform.”

Swara Bhasker said, “When the CISF female employee slapped Kangana Ranaut, her old tweets resurfaced, in which she was talking about genocide. She had justified Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.”

Bhasker referred to Ranaut’s earlier statement and said, “If someone insulted their mother or sister, they would also slap them. What will she say now? What happened was wrong. The person who did it has been suspended and punished.”

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