Swayamvar: Girls Came To Meet Mika Singh As A Bride; Know Singer’s Reaction

Mika Singh is very famous in Bollywood for his songs as well as his cool style and lyrics. A long time single Mika Singh is soon going to create on National Television. The name of Mika Singh’s Swayamvar has been kept as ‘Swayamvar- Mika Di Voti’.

The first promo of Mika Singh’s Swayamvar show has come in front of the audience. Now to shoot the next promo for the same show, popular singer Mika Singh reached his hometown Chandigarh, where he was welcomed in a very special way.

This video of Mika Singh reaching his body in Chandigarh is becoming very viral on social media. This video has been shared by celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani on his Instagram account. In the video, as soon as Mika Singh reached Chandigarh and got down of his car, there was a line of girls to meet him.

All the girls who reached Pind to meet him were not seen in any simple look but in the bride’s getup, who gave a grand welcome to singer Mika Singh. During this, a police convoy also appeared behind Mika Singh. This video of him has been covered on social media.

Not only the girls who were seen as brides, but Mika Singh, who was looking for his vote, also interacted with each and every girl very brilliantly. He met all the girls one by one, then took selfies with them and was seen mingling with them. Seeing this viral video, it is clear that Mika Singh’s ‘Swayamvar’ is going to be very bang and at the same time, the girls are also very much eager to be a part of his show.

Let us tell you that Mika Singh is 44 years old and he is very much eager to get married. Although Mika Singh, who is looking for a bride through Swayamvar, will find his right partner in this show or not, it will be known only after the show goes on air, but for his friend Mika Singh, his special efforts in finding his partner in this show.

Dost Shaan is going to help them. Shaan had told during one of his interviews that Mika Singh is his close friend and he is a hidden and good-hearted person. Sardar ji’s marriage is very important and I want to help him find the right partner’.