Switch To Sustainable Fashion And Diss The Synthetics

Sustainable Fashion is not just concerned with the textile factories but also inclines towards how the product is being made, where is the milling taking place, the brand name, country of origin, and the sustainability of the product. Because the clothing industry is considered to play a major role in contributing to global wastage. Flimsy ways of manufacturing the products, unethical ways of treating the wage-earners, manipulation of resources are some of the malpractices being carried out in the industry.

But in recent times, there are several brands in the industry that have opted for Sustainable Fashion. The brands are ardent believers or followers of the fact that Sustainable Fashion can completely change the course of the fashion industry, can stir up profits, bring a much deeper and valuable sense of clothing and join hands in economic development. Sustainable Fashion mainly focuses on proliferating economic, social, and environmental wealth.

Sustainable Fashion improves the quality of our clothes by using less harmful materials that do not have spiraling effects on our environment and our skin, using better quality materials improves the life span of the clothing, increases the value of ceaseless garments, has a control on wastage that leads to landfills. Sustainable Clothing consists of 3 Rs:

  • Reduce- Aforesaid, it pitches its attention towards less use of non-eco-friendly materials which eventually leads to control in landfill pollution.
  • Reuse- By reusing, it can also refer to either swapping or mending small alterations required in our clothes, instead of just discarding them.
  • Recycle- The most common phenomenon followed for ages. Yes, clothes can also get recycled. There are numerous brands that offer to recycle your clothes. Just make sure that the item should be free from any sort of discreet, pilling, stains.

By following these 3 Rs of Sustainable Fashion, you are lending great support to the brand by encouraging them to ‘Go Green’. Switching to Sustainable Fashion is not a one-day’s work, it requires a massive shift in business practices, management, and appropriate tools requirements. Making fashion sustainable is itself a challenge and requires rethinking the entire model. But still a lot many brands are thinking towards making a shift in it.

Sustainable fashion brands do not only lay their focus on using harmless materials but also make efficient use of the leftover patterns. Since Sustainable Fashion offers a protracted range of materials to the masses, it becomes difficult for such brands to offer at low prices because they ought to maintain the other factors as well that are helping them in coming up with this concept in the market such as fair treating of the wage-earners, looking out for economically friendly resources, explicit information about the brand.

There are a few brands that emphasize more towards ethical production than designs, which means that they have a limited production value with the intention of selling each product without any wastage. They might offer their products at generous prices with better quality, better life span, and feasible results. Last year the COVID-19 lockdown, gave rise to many small businesses, which came up with frugal clothing choices.

You might be thinking about whether Sustainable Fashion is able to give us the results which we ought to see from wearing the synthetics? Sometimes these clothes are available in loosely fitted options but you can always get them done your size. Because now is the time to switch to a much reliable option, the very thought of me wearing an outfit being tailored in a sweatshop or in unsanitary conditions makes me regret and question my fashion choices. It is time to make Sustainable Fashion a lifestyle choice and unravel the mistakes being committed in the past. It is the responsibility of us, all ardent lovers of fashion to come together and make Sustainable Fashion a trend for life.

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