Taarak Mehta’s Old Sonu Shared The Pain Of Body Shaming, Told How People Used To Taunt

Fans often think that they are in style all the time and the whole world is crazy about their beauty. However, what is the truth behind the scenes, it comes to the fore when the actresses openly talk about these subjects. From the earlier times till now, the biggest difference has been seen that whether it is the heroine of the big screen or the small screen, the actresses are expressing their views openly.

Jheel Mehta

Recently, this disclosure has been made by the old Sonu of Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah show i.e. Jheel Mehta. In the show, Jheel has been seen in the role of Sonu Atmaram Bhide, who is a friend of Tappu. Now recently she shared a video about body shaming and told how she faced this pain and now how she can accept herself more than before.


Posting a video on body shaming, Jheel Mehta told how people used to taunt her like how much makeup she does, how tall she is, how many teeth are there, how many pimples are on her face. It is seen in the video that Jheel gets sad after hearing all these things and then she accepts herself and starts living happily.

Jheel Mehta

Sharing this video, she wrote, ‘I wish I had heard this song earlier. How long did it take me to adopt myself? Today I am realizing that I am good as I am. If I accept myself that way, it doesn’t matter what other people think of me. Along with this, Jheel also inspired other people. She further wrote in her post, ‘If you are reading this caption then go tell your friends how smart and beautiful they are. I am sure they will like your words”.

Jheel Mehta

With this, Jheel has shared the message that what people say does not matter. What you think makes a difference. Perfect means I am perfect in which that ‘I’ is hidden somewhere. Now celebs are also showering love on this post of Jheel Mehta and the fans are also showing them a lot of love. Please tell that Jheel Mehta worked in the show from 2008 to 2012 and then left the show. Although she remains connected with her fans through social media.

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