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Forget Those Harsh Diets! Try The Magic Of ‘Clean Eating’

A Hollywood hottie said to her interviewer, “I make sure I eat a spoonful of coconut oil every day. For the antioxidants in it, you know.’ What a change in the scenario! Twenty years ago, everyone was condemning coconut and its oil.  Now th…


Health Alert! Debunking Mainstream Nutrition Myths

The age of personal nutrition is here! Earlier everyone thought the one-size fits all is working because nobody is complaining or remotely understanding its effect. No fingerprint is the same, similarly, no human body is the same nor are th…


Exercise on Vacation: What to Pack To Stay Fit

Vacation exercise is an almost obscure concept to many individuals. However, whatever may be the kind of trip, one thing is for sure: Our normal routine goes completely haywire during travel. Restaurant dining, lounging and lazing around, l…