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Composers Salim-Sulaiman–brothers in music

Composers Salim-Sulaiman–brothers in music

Music is about people and should be real.   By SumanBajpai Salim-Sulaimanare the famed sibling composer team, who have spawned some of Bollywood’s iconic hits and are today two of the industry’s most prolific music directors. Af…


I am an Artist

When Rajasthan-based artist Suvigya Sharma, who hails from Kishangarh, and is settled in Jaipur, uttered the words “Yes! I am an artist, and I do not wear jholas”, it instantly reminded me of the popular dialogue by Shah Rukh Kh…


Raees promotion turns Fatal: A Man dies to just see SRK

The news of Shahrukh Khan to promote Raees via a train journey from Mumbai to Delhi was reported with much pomp yesterday. Owing to a massive popularity, almost every railway station that comes on the way witnessed stampede like situations …


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Take a look into the Bollywood actors who cheated on their wives.

The big screen may have inspired us to fall in love and walk down the entire life with that one special person!  But, the story is quite different in real life. These celebs were considered the most loyal husbands until their ‘alleged affai…


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