Tahira’s Son Shamefaced For His Mother’s Bald Head?

‘’You may encounter many defeats in your way, but you must not be defeated.”

Staying true to the above statement, Tahira Kashyap, a renowned Indian Writer, Professor and Theatre Director has victoriously won the battle of Breast Cancer of which she was diagnosed lately last September. Being diagnosed with such a malignant disease is heartbreaking not only for the sufferer but his family too. And with no dubiety, the hope and willpower of any mortal is bound to get weaken. But Tahira Kashyap, recently being recognized for directing her first ever short film named ‘Toffee’, chose to combat this evil disease by staying in power. She knew she had to be strong and not let cancer win this battle.

You don’t know your capabilities and limits until you test them! On being asked about her journey in an interview with Humans of Bombay, Tahira first unveiled about her writing career and the fact that how her identity used to be ‘The Wife of Aayushman Khurrana’. It was then when her debut short film ‘Toffee’ made an appearance between the audiences that she was recognized for being ‘Tahira’ and not someone’s wife. She further added that she didn’t want to be an actor’s wife doing things on a whim. Well, she sets a true example of courage and valour for all the women out there! ‘You were born to be recognized by your self worth and not by someone else’s fame.’ The emerging director further revealed about the time when life put a hard test in front of her; the time when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her words express her emotions,”Just when things were good, life threw a curveball at me. One of my breasts had started feeling heavier and there was some secretion. So I went to the gynecologist, who after an ultrasound suggested I meet an oncologist. I got more tests done and in a few days I went from being under a 2% risk to having a stage 0 breast cancer.” Reluctant to accept her defeat she underwent 6 surgeries and 12 sessions of chemotherapy which eventually took a toll on her body. From being obsessed with her long hair to losing her hair, getting bald to now a short crop she’d had her all phases of metamorphosis and has now redefined beauty. The girl who took a cover of her hair to hide her chiseled face and insecurities finally fought against them by wearing her scars proudly!

But the main struggle is not about keeping your strength and willpower upright to stand against the disease but to provide courage to your loved ones. The same state was faced by Tahira when her son, Virajveer Khurrana, embarrassed of her bald head, urged her not to come in front of his friends. But despite feeling disheartened she chose to meet the young bloods and redefined ‘normal’ and ‘beautiful’ for her son that day. In her latest instagram post dedicated to ‘Women of all shapes and sizes’ she has broken down all the chains of societal norms and has proudly shared the pictures of her scars referring to them as her ‘Badge of Honor’.

‘’Stand tall, shine bright and let them wonder what secret’s making you laugh!’’ With no surprise, Tahira has stood against all the evils that blocked her way towards a healthy living and have proved to be an epitome of boldness. Her fearlessness defines her!


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