Taimur Ali Khan’s Nanny Gets Paid As Much As The Indian PM Gets Per Month

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s bundle of joy Taimur Ali Khan is always been in the headlines. Every picture and video of Taimur get viral in no time. Today, we even shared a video of Taimur, in which the Chote Nawab can be seen calling his Father Saif “Abba” for the first time. And guess who gets famous along with Taimur when paparazzi clicked his photos? Yes, you got it right, it’s none other than Taimur’s nanny who’s always seen holding Taimur in her hands.

It wasn’t long ago, when Taimur’s nana, Randhir Kapoor had said that the way paparazzi obsessively click Taimur, even their maid has become popular. Nothing wrong there, right? He said, “Every day I get up in the morning, and I see a picture of my grandson in the newspaper. The paparazzi are permanently stationed below the house. Now, everyone recognises his maid also! That’s because of the paparazzi”.

And now, there is something for you, guys, which will blow your mind. Do you want to know how much Taimur Ali Khan’s nanny’s monthly salary is? Before we tell you, we urge you to stop thinking about your well-paying job as the revelation might push you to give a second thought about your career. According to a media report, “Taimur’s nanny draws a basic salary of Rs 1.5 lakh a month. It can go up to Rs 1.75 lakh depending on the extra hours she’s spent at his home. There is an over-time fee for every extra hour spent with the child. Plus, she has a car at her disposal to take the child in and around Bandra”.

Now, guys, what if we tell you that her salary is equivalent to India’s Prime Minister’s monthly salary? Blown away? We aren’t joking. Take a look:


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