Taiwan Boy Thrown 27 Time In Judo, Pass Out On The Spot

A seven-year-old boy attends judo class when his uncle starts recording the boy to show his family that he is not comfortable with Judo. In the video, the child can be seen picking up and throwing away by an elder child several times.

The video reveals that his master forced the screaming and crying child to stand up and face the elder student who continues assaulting the child by picking and throwing him aggressively. After that, when the child loses his breath with a hard slam to the ground his teacher started scolding him as he thought that the child is faking insensibility.

Due to the respect of teachers and masters in Taiwan, the child’s uncle didn’t stop the coach,  but after this incident, he felt terrible for what just happened to his little nephew; said the child’s mother. They sooner found out that the coach was unlicensed.

“I still remember the morning when I took him to school,” his mom told earlier.  “ He turned around and said mama Goodbye” and in the evening he comes as a dead body.

This incident happened on April 21, the child attended the class and after when loses his consciousness, he is admitted to the Fengyuan Hospital, at 21:00 the hospital told his parents that is suffering from a lower heart rate and lower blood pressure by that his parents accept the doctor’s decision to withdraw life support after 70 days from the incident.

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