Take Care Of Your Health: Listen To What Your Body is Telling!

Wellbeing means happiness experienced in all aspects of one’s life. The opposition is to feel unwell, uncomfortable and unhappy. The state of the body causing discomfort is disease or illness. The condition causing comfort and ease is health.

A major mistake committed by us in the recent past has been to disengage health from well-being. The strange thing about it is that Indian traditions have always proclaimed the rationality of promoting health with a view to preventing disease and disability.

We have come a long way from those days and now think of health care irrespective of well-being! This perhaps happened during the post-independence days, when policies related to the health-care delivery system in the country were guided by the promoters of a health system which placed trust in medical care dominated by drugs, doctors and hospitals.

There is no doubt about the capacity of people to take care of their health problems. The simple truth about the majority of health problems originating from the lifestyles practiced is not unknown to people. Of special importance here is the lapse in the areas of personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, improper nutrition, avoidance of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, etc. The effort has been to feign ignorance of these simple truths and seek remedial measures from the hospitals as and when diseases surface. Of course, there is great reluctance to discipline with regard to personal lifestyles.

Healthy lifestyles are the key to staying fit. Therefore, it is important to adjust ourselves to whatever we cannot change so that the biological system is no way affected in its natural functioning.

Our life is actually the sum total of how we live every moment of it, from sunrise to sunset and from sunset to sunrise. Of great importance here is how we utilize the sensory mechanisms. Every action, as well as the reaction of ours in word, deed, and thought is significant. All these are so natural to our system that we cannot escape from any of them. What we can and what we ought to do is to follow the correct path with correct understanding and discrimination. Systematic adherence to the right practices will lead to wholesome habits.

A good philosophy enjoins good conduct and character. A bad philosophy justifies bad conduct and bad character, promoting unbecoming lifestyles. Unbecoming lifestyles mean ill health or disease.

Moreover, we are obliged to remain healthy because health is everyone’s birthright and it is an obligation to society. Just an infection in one organ of the body makes the whole body dysfunctional, for the entire body to be healthy, every organ has to be positively efficient and naturally healthy. So each individual has to take care of himself with good character and conduct so that the society may achieve and maintain positive health avoiding diseases.

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