‘Talent Is Sidelined’: Bhagyavidhata Fame Smita Singh Makes Shocking Revelations On Casting In TV!

TV actress Smita Singh, who gained popularity after playing a fun loving character in the show ‘Bhagyavidhata’ is quite popular. Recently, Smita has made a big disclosure regarding he existence of superstition in the telly town.

The actress has revealed that in the industry, the casting is not done on the basis of talent. Instead they look at at the birth chart along with the name, date and time of birth along with address of the person before taking them in their shows. Smita said that she has been a target of this many a time as the makers asked her to give them her ‘Kundali’.

According to ETimes, Smita stated, “These days it is common that actors are asked how many followers they have on Instagram. They are also judged on the basis of whether they have a blue tick on social media or not. But during casting, other things are taken into consideration without keeping the talent in mind. Talent is sidelined.”

The actress was surprised to hear these three requests of the makers. She further quoted, “At the time of my casting, instead of paying attention to my craft, the makers were more worried about my date of birth and other things. They asked for my birth details before casting me on the show. I was requested for three things – my date of birth, time and place.They told me that if these three things match with the horoscope of the show then only I will be able to work on this show. I refused directly. Now what is left, do worship on Himalayas, to get cast?”

For the unversed, Smita Singh is famous for her appearances in TV shows like ‘Thapki Pyar Ki’, ‘Hitler Didi’ and currently in ‘Main Hoon Aparajita’.