Team Kangana Ranaut Slams Alia Bhatt For Poor Acting In Sadak 2 Trailer “Thodi Sharm Karo, Pappu Is Below Average”

Kangana Ranaut seems to have gone on a rampage and her team is supporting her in every possible way. They’ve been against the star kids from the very beginning and now after the release of Alia Bhatt’s recent trailer of Sadak 2, the team has once Again Alia for her acting.

Taking to Twitter, the Kangana Ranaut’s team reposted a clip of Alia Bhatt from the Sadak 2 reciting a few dialogues. It seems like the team isn’t impressed with Alia’s performance in the movie. Kangana’s team wrote, “Somebody need to find R Balki he is hiding, he said there are no better actors than Ranbir and Alia. sharm karlo, thodi sharm karlo, brainwashing ki bhi limit hoti hai, both pappus are below average glorified by mafia media, their friends and fake awards, their time is up.” Check out the tweet:

Kangana Ranaut on Alia Bhatt performance in Sadak 2

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For those who don’t know, R Balki, in an interview with Hindustan Times, had said, “The question is do they (star kids) have an unfair or bigger advantage? Yes, there are pros and cons. But I’d ask one simple question: Find me a better actor than Alia (Bhatt) or Ranbir (Kapoor), and we’ll argue. It’s unfair on these few people who’re probably some of the finest actors.”

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