By: Shrutika Potwar

Do you think people really care about what you’re writing on your blog? You make a lot of effort to type something, in which you have poured your whole heart out and still not be appreciated. Is your writing engaging enough? The readers are always looking for an exciting package of words attached with the writer’s knowledge. Even renowned writers take years to polish their work and eventually produce masterpieces, same goes with blogging. Do not get disheartened if something that you loved writing did not receive the intended response. You just need to boost your write up with powerful words and there you are!

The Power of Stories

Words are the most powerful tools of mankind. They have the capability of building empires to ruining souls. The art of storytelling or listening to them has been deeply rooted in our minds since childhood. We satisfy these cravings by watching movies or series on television or narrating adventures over a coffee with a friend or tell bed time stories to our little ones.

Stories add a thrill to life with a brand new experience minus the hardship and pain. Stories have been the best form of communication since times unknown. We keep living the same event of our life through these stories again and again.

Connecting to the Abstract

What is an anonymous blog? Every blog reader’s brain processes a story differently from their perspective. Stories target the emotional part of the human brain not the logical one. If the information is abstract, we connect to it at a much deeper level. The drama that the story entwines is craved by humans.

In order to avoid drowning in the sea of forgettable bloggers, one should post a memorable story rather than one based on pure factual information. Any bit of information that you want to narrate will be retained by the reader if it’s woven into a story. People forget the lessons they learn online, but a lesson taught by a story becomes unforgettable.

Entertainment is the Key

Usually everyone is surfing the internet for a distraction from their routine real time life. Can an anonymous blog be successful? Yes, if you feed the reader what he came onto your blog for i.e. entertainment. Your readers will revisit your blog if you make the reading fun by telling a story that touches them. You can weave a story around any blogging topic virtually.

Any abstract topic can be related to people and spun into a story form of write up. Even if you are listing some useful information, you can always begin or tail the blog with a story to make it interesting. How to make money writing an anonymous blog? You can tell a story to sell a product on your blog. You can write up a roundup post, frame an interview format, generate opinion pieces, write wakeup call posts, cause posts, fill in the about pages, write product reviews, sales pages, email newsletters etc to make money.

Charge your Writing

How to get your anonymous blog noticed? Bloggers can use a story on any platform for any topic. Stories add clarity and credibility to a blogger’s writing. The lesson that you want to discuss on your blog can be demonstrated through a story to prove how it dished out in the real world. It basically becomes a testimonial to every fact that you want to post on your blog.

The readers always place their trust in another person’s experience and try to learn from it. Stories bond the readers to the writer as they share the same common emotion. If you are trying to bond with the reader emotionally, try to portray your authentic feelings through your writing.

Variety is the spice of life

How to get followers on an anonymous blog post? Readers visit anonymous blogs to be entertained, so sharing an outrageously fun and surprising experience with your reader should truly overwhelm him. If you instantly want to catch your reader’s attention, start with a story naturally. If you leave a little ambiguity with questions for the reader to answer through his mind, you may even trigger a train of thought. Try to end your story with a call to arms for the reader to act upon. Painting an inspiring and vivid picture of the future to the reader will uplift hopes. 

Storytelling is the art of touching people’s hearts and souls with your writing. So find an idea to weave a story which triggers the strong emotions of the reader. It does not completely depend on the idea, how the idea is presented is what captivates the reader. The story should depict the point that the blogger needs to convey to the onlooker. Do not try too hard, just try to draw a story parallel to a real life experience that you have already had!