Telltale Signs Your Building’s Switchboard Is Having Problems!

Harnessing the power of electricity is definitely one of humanity’s greatest achievements. Just imagine a world without it! No TV, no fridge, no lights, no computers, no microwaves- it’s a very long list of things that we have come to rely on daily without even thinking about them! While it might be fun to barbecue your dinner over hot coals on the weekend, would you really want to do that every day? Well, some guys might, but in any case, we need electricity in our homes and businesses, and that means you need to have a switchboard!

The switchboard is the nerve centre of a building’s electrical system, it distributes the power supply throughout the structure to wherever a flip of the switch demands it. Switchboards are usually built to last, but times and power requirements change, and it may mean that your building needs a switchboard upgrade to keep the electricity flowing safely and smoothly. The switchboard sees to it that the electricity in your building is properly distributed so it can be used in an effective, safe manner. 

Unfortunately, things can, and sometimes do, go wrong, even with the best equipment. The following are telltale signs that your switchboard is having problems, if these issues are happening in your building, seek a licensed electrician’s help immediately!

A Burning Smell – If there is a burning smell in the vicinity of your switchboard it means trouble! It could be caused by faulty wiring, decaying cables, or other components that are overloading. Whatever the cause, it’s a very serious problem and one that cannot be ignored! If it happens, do not hesitate to summon help right away before more damage occurs, or a highly dangerous electrical fire starts! 

The Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping – Circuit breakers are a safety feature that interrupts the flow of electricity if a fault is detected somewhere in the system. If the circuit breaker in your building begins to trip frequently then you know you have a problem! The only way to solve this is to have an electrician service your switchboard, discover the root cause, and repair it. If you allow it to keep on tripping, then something is going to break down, causing significant and possibly dangerous damage, all of which will result in the price of those repairs going up!

The Lights Are Blinking – Another sign that probably means your switchboard is in trouble is when the lights start blinking or flickering. Check the bulbs first, but if they aren’t the culprit then it’s time to have your switchboard examined for malfunctions.

Switchboard Is Out of Date – Wine gets better with age, but very few other things do, and having an old, out-of-date switchboard is a real liability! It’s easy to forget the switchboard is there, it may have been running just fine for decades, but all good things must come to an end, and it will eventually reach the end of its tool life. Considering that today’s appliances and equipment require more power than ever, it’s best to be proactive and replace your old switchboard before things go wrong!

Electricity is our friend, but we have to stay safe and use it wisely!

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