If you happen to live in Botany Downs, you are in a great location because it is a bustling town in the eastern suburbs of Auckland, New Zealand. This hip place is home to one of the country’s largest shopping malls called Botany Bay Town Centre. If you happen to be in the hunt for a perfect place to date your girl, this is an excellent location because it is a comfortable distance to the city centre, park, beaches, and golf clubs. 

But one of the most exciting things you can do with a girl you are trying to impress on your first date is to take her to the Botany Arcade. You make a good first and lasting impression because this unique location is not usually high on the list of first date places. Consider the following reasons why an arcade is a perfect place to take your girl out on a first date.

Eases the Awkward Feeling 

It is reasonable to have the first date jitters. Everyone goes through these feelings of having a million butterflies in the stomach. Going to a fun arcade will help ease the awkwardness between you and your girl because it gives you something to do. The laid back and happy atmosphere of an arcade will set the tone of your date. When you do stuff together, it is easier to find common ground as opposed to going on a fine-dining date wherein you are pressured to connect in such a formal setting. 

Gives You Something to Talk About

If you are the shy type, going to an arcade and discussing your favourite games is a great conversation starter. Even extroverts will have a good time in an arcade because there is a broad range of activities like shooting games that earn tickets, musical instruments, high energy computer dance challenges, video games, and more. For instance, you can readily bond with your girl when you establish the common goal of collecting as many tickets as you can from interactive games to earn a prize. 

Reveals a Lot About the Character

Playing games in Botany Arcade will reveal a lot about the character of the person you are dating. When you play air hockey, you can see if your date is athletic and a good sport. If your partner keeps on being defeated by a claw machine, what is the reaction? If this person kicks the machine in anger because she cannot get anything, then you will know she is not very patient, and she gets frustrated quickly. Going to an arcade is a great way to gauge the personality of your date because competition usually brings it to the forefront. 

Provides Moments Where You Can Touch 

Going on a date in an arcade will provide natural moments wherein you can touch each other without any malice or meaning. For instance, you can teach your partner how to shoot a moving target. You can also help instruct your date how to roll correctly to score high in a game of skee ball so that you can get a lot of tickets. In this natural setting, you can really check if you have that all-important chemistry. 

Final Word

Most people will not think of making an arcade the venue for their first date. However, using this original approach will speak about your creativity as a person. It is impressive that you don’t want to do the run of the mill activities. After a fun time in the arcade, you can take your date out for a meal. Because of your quality time together playing games, you will now be more at ease with each other during a dinner date. 

Author: Darren Wilson

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