By Mallika Chugh

The phase of attraction is always confusing whether the man you love really loves you back and if he does whether he just wants to have a casual fling with you. For different couples it takes a different time period to name their “relationship”.

There are a few tips which can help guide you better for the roller- coaster ride of your relationship:

Body language: People in love tend to touch each other. The main thing is that one has to observe the way the partner is touching. A person can express his admiration toward you without always trying to touch you intimately.

One can even see if the person is bending or just touching your lower back. This can be assumed as a sense of support and love from your partner. However, there is a red alert if your partner only tries to be close to you intimately because then he is definitely there for sex only.

You enjoy things together: The best way for a successful relationship is mental compatibility. You both will have similar interests and would enjoy similar things like going out together, watching movies and partying. This would reduce the effort intake and would allow you to have fun naturally and casually.

However, if you feel your partner is just obliging you with events even when does not really enjoy them that could raise a little alarm that he is there for sexual pleasures only as he doesn’t want to disappoint you which would stop the sexual desires from being fulfilled.

His family and friends know about you: The fact that his family and friends know about you make it a serious relationship as no one would like to create a mess within their family and friends circle about their partner till the time they are serious about you. He will only make you meet family and friends if he truly loves you and plans a future with you because he wants you to be comfortable with the family and friends.

Staying over does not mean sex: Initially all couples are involved physically to explore their physical compatibility with each other. Later, once the relationship is more matured and developed, staying together does not necessarily mean sex for both of you. However, if your partner tends to just stay over for sex then there is something grossly wrong with your relationship and once should see the bleak future.

Plan your future as “we”: When couples tend to be serious they tend to plan their future as well rather than having individualistic future goals. Not to confuse this with the fact that if one partner has his own personal ambitions towards his career is wrong. However, he should be considerate towards your goals and desires as well.

He or she takes time out for you: If an individual takes out time especially for you then definitely he does love you a lot. He has a special place for you in his heart and that can be one of the major deter­minants as well if he is looking for a serious relationship with you.