The Bollywood Industry Shaken from Viral Afghanistan Video !

All eyes are on the ever-shifting situation in Afghanistan. Thousands of people are treading the fine line of what is alright to say and what is not. The sudden take over of Taliban forces have to lead many people to walk away in fear. The forces within Afghanistan remain speechless.

However, our Bollywood industry is not okay with the silence. Many celebrities took to their social media platforms expressing shock. The most recent video from Afghanistan shows thousands of people running on the runway of an airport. In the video, a US flight is preparing to take off while people are running in front and around it. Some videos show people attempting to climb on the side of the airplane.

In the background is a thousand screams echoing as people realize this flight will not be their way out of the war-torn country. Witnessing this video, Actress Kangana Ranaut took to her gram posting the picture of the incident saying, ” Jab jeena maut se battar ho” ! . Joining her was Actress Anushka Sharma. She says, ” “This is heart-wrenching. No one should have to go through this.”.

It is truly shocking on nearly two people who attempted to tie themselves to the plane were seen falling from the aircraft once it was airborne. Similar footage from the incident has been shared by other big names in the industry.  Rhea Chakraborty also took to expressing her concern for the women in Afghanistan. She released a statement saying, ” Heartbroken to see the condition of women and minorities in Afghanistan. Urge the global leaders to stand up for this !”.

It is truly heart-wrenching, and we hope that more voices from the industry come out. While, the Indian government is working tirelessly on emergency visas and repatriation efforts, thousands are still left behind!


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