The Crown Sets Get Robbed; More Than 350 Antique Items Stolen – Deets Inside

Netflix’s The Crown is one of the most outstanding and popular series on the platform. The show follows Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to the present day, and it is one of the most magnificent shows you will ever see. The producers are currently filming Season 5, and according to recent reports, a robbery occurred on the set of the show, with over $200,000 worth of props being stolen. To find out more, keep scrolling down.

According to Variety, the crime resulted in the theft of over 350 objects, including a Faberge egg replica, a grandfather clock, a dressing table, crystal glassware, and silver and gold candelabras.

In an interview with Variety, a Netflix spokesman disclosed information about the heist on the set of The Crown. “We can confirm that the antiquities were taken, and we hope that they are recovered and returned safely.” “Replacements will be found, and filming is not expected to be disrupted,” the representative stated.

The incident occurred in a lorry park in Mexborough, Yorkshire, and the production firm informed a weekly magazine about the stolen products in the hopes of recovering them if the perpetrators chose to sell them.

A replica of an 1897 Imperial Coronation Fabergé coach egg, 12 sets of silver candelabra, seven sets of gold candelabra, a clock face from a William IV grandfather clock (but not the long case in which it was enclosed), some Russian religious icons, a 10-piece silver dressing table, and St Louis gilt crystal glassware and decanters are among the stolen items.

“The objects taken are not often in the finest condition and hence of little worth for resale,” Alison Harvey said in a statement to Variety. They are, nonetheless, valuable as parts in the British film business.” The things taken are believed to be worth roughly $200,000.

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