The Crown Star Elizabeth Debicki Opens Up About Her ‘Incredibly Invasive’ Experience Playing Princess Diana’s Death!

Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana, speaks out about the hardships and emotional challenges of filming the events leading up to Princess Diana’s terrible death. Continue reading!

Elizabeth Debicki, 33, has taken on the challenging role of Princess Diana in the The Crown. She is committed to tackle the part with the utmost care, realizing the responsibility that comes with portraying the late royal figure. Elizabeth Debicki recently opened out about her experiences playing Princess Diana, particularly the death scene. This is what she said.

Elizabeth Debicki On Playing Princess Diana’s Death Scene

Elizabeth Debicki, who plays Princess Diana in Netflix’s The Crown, has recounted how she felt when filming the sad events of 1997. She described the filming experience as “heavy, very manic, and incredibly invasive.”

Debicki explained to Netflix, “You’ll almost experience an anomalistic reaction whenever you are being followed by a lot of actors portraying the press there is no way out, so it takes merely a moment to understand that this is absolutely unbearable.” Continuing, the actress added “And no one should ever have to experience what it’s like to go from one place to another in Paris in the daytime”. You’re feeling pretty confined. It’s a truly dreadful experience.”

Debicki described how the paparazzi’s overpowering presence and close scrutiny were emotionally draining, leading to a sense of imprisonment.

Elizabeth Debicki On Her Experience Of Playing Princess Diana

When Peter Morgan approached Elizabeth for the part, she was both overwhelmed and excited. “Last year, Debicki told Entertainment Weekly, “I knew from our very first meeting that this was taken seriously and deeply cared for. So that’s my take on the show.”

She grasped Diana’s significance as a symbol and recognized the magical aura that surrounded her. Growing up in Australia, she vividly recalls Diana’s presence in the world, making her highly aware of the renowned princess despite having no personal connection to her.

Elizabeth’s Comprehension Of Princess Diana’s Character

“She’s a symbol, a magical person.” “I’m learning how she existed and continues to exist very profoundly in the collective consciousness,” she said in an interview with Modern Luxury. “It is outstanding that as a child in Australia, I remember a person who did not really affect my life but had been very much a part of it, and yet I was completely unaware of her existence. I recall seeing pictures of her in magazines.”

My mother was quite aware of her, as I believe many other ladies her age were. She was really close to her because she symbolized something very personal and very significant.”

The Crown premiered in 2016, chronicling the lives and reign of Queen Elizabeth II and her family. Diana’s character was played by Golden Globe winner Emma Corrin in the fourth season of the show. Ms Debicki assumed the role in 2022.