The Cutting Chai Festival: A Splendid Fest By R D National College

The Cutting Chai festival, spanning four days, was a grand event that brought together students, faculty, and staff to celebrate. The festival was organised by the amazing Cutting Chai core committee in collaboration with Dr. Meghna Kothari ma’am as the coordinator, without whom the festival would not have been possible. A word of appreciation ALSO goes to Cutting Chai 16’s Title Sponsor Kalpvruksha, whose support made the festival possible. The fest featured a wide range of activities that kept the participants engaged and entertained throughout.

The festival’s first day started with the inauguration ceremony, where the college principal and the chief guest, along with huge guests like Ms Soundarya Sharma & Manjuben Lodha, welcomed the students and declared the festival open. This was followed by outstanding events like Radio, Art, Stop motion, Teleprompter, and the banger of the evening, Band. These events helped the amazing contingents like Rick and Morty, Frodo and Gandalf, Agent J&K, and many more to showcase their talents and perform amazing and breathtaking musical acts.

On the second day of the festival, the contingents made their presence known on campus, with their chants echoing throughout the college and their enthusiasm bringing everyone to chant along with them. They later moved on to participate in a plethora of events, namely the Editing, Drama, Storytelling, Improv, Solo Mic, and Photography events. The day ended with a terrific fashion show event where the contingents flaunted their style and creativity using eye-catching, vibrant, and jaw-dropping outfits.

Day 3 kicked off with the PR entry, where each contingent had to showcase their unique identity through their loud chants and slogans. This set the tone for the day, as the contingents were full of energy and excitement. As the day progressed, the contingents began to showcase their talents in various events such as Main Film, Parody Marketing, Advertising, Investigative Journalism, and Judgement Day. Each contingent went all out to outdo themselves and prove their worth in each event. Events like Main Film, Investigative Journalism, Judgement Day helped the contingents delve deep and furnish their talents in a compelling manner.

The evening was capped off by the Dance event, which was undoubtedly the highlight of the day. Judges for the evening, Shantanu Maheshwari, Melvin Louis, and Palki Malhotra, really made a great impact on the fest. Each team showcased their distinctive dance moves and passion, creating a remarkable and unforgettable evening. In conclusion, Day 3 of Cutting Chai 16 was marked by chaos and enthusiasm as the contingents brought their A-game to the various events planned out for them.

The closing ceremony of Cutting Chai 2023 was a grand affair, with contingents and a huge audience eagerly awaiting the announcement of the winner of the 6-feet trophy. The Top Core hosted the event, and music artist Prateek Gandhi lit up the stage with his beautiful 30-minute segment of his hit solos. He really kickstarted the evening with a bang. The Cutting Chai Core Committee Video and Aftermovie were both well-received, being an appreciation video for the committee and the contingents who brought this fest to life. The Head of Departments and Chairpersons were felicitated by Dr. Meghna Kothari ma’am with a Tea Kettle trophy, as she arranged this special, surprise event for the people who took over the responsibilities of leadership and appreciated them with a Tea Kettle trophy.

The Prize Distribution for the contingents was the most anticipated segment, with Maleficent and Aurora, Rick and Morty, Gandalf and Frodo, Jadis and Ginnarbrik, and many other contingents receiving awards for their incredible talent and enthusiasm. 

Rick and Morty emerged as the winner of Cutting Chai 16, followed by Gandalf and Frodo and Jadis and Ginnarbrik as first and second runner-ups, respectively. The fest concluded with emotional outpourings and the feeling that it was truly the fest of the year.