The Dark Side of Viral Videos: Gautami Patil’s Leaked MMS, Criticism On Lavani Dance Shows

In the era of social media, leaked videos have become a trend, and the latest victim of this is the Marathi Lavani dancer, Gautami Patil. A video allegedly showing her changing clothes has gone viral on the internet, and it has sparked a huge controversy.

Despite the criticism and outrage from various artists and folk artists, Gautami has not stopped doing her dance shows, which reportedly earn her 15-20 events per month, and an income that is equal to what an IT engineer earns in a year. But the question remains, at what cost?

What’s the reaction?

Actress Priya Berde, who has worked in several Marathi-language films, recently commented on Gautami’s dance shows, stating that if the audience stopped watching such shows, they would be off. However, the reality is that these dance shows are paid huge sums, and as long as people keep watching them, they will continue.

The criticism on Gautami’s dance shows does not stop here. Veteran Tamasha artiste Raghuveer Khedkar expressed his regret, stating that many villagers are not even ready to pay two lakh betel nut for 100 Lavani artists, but five lakh are paid for a five-man show.

This raises concerns about the dark side of viral videos and the impact they have on the people involved. While some may argue that any publicity is good publicity, the consequences of leaked videos can be devastating, both personally and professionally.

Social impact

It is time for us to question our own responsibility as consumers of such content, and to think about the ethical implications of our actions. As Priya Berde rightly said, we need to talk, but until people stop watching such shows, the problem will persist.

The Gautami Patil MMS scandal and the criticism on Lavani dance shows bring to light the need for a more responsible use of social media and the impact it has on people’s lives. We must learn to draw a line between entertainment and exploitation, and to ensure that we do not contribute to the perpetuation of such practices.


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