My Dear Intimate Diary,

Shhh! I have a confession – I have been dealing with itchiness, rashes and white discharge down there for so long but there’s no one I can’t speak to about this. It just seems so embarrassing to tell even my other girlfriends about foul smell and feeling unfresh there. What do I do?

If a woman was to pin down her diary, chances are, this could be an actual log entry.

Our intimate area, often covered in tight clothes, is almost always moist and dark. If we don’t make conscious efforts to invest in intimate hygiene, risks of bad odour, rashes or infections become very real. Frequently unhygienic bikini line area also impacts a woman’s personal health, fertility and quality of [email protected] life.

Despite growing awareness on the importance of complete feminine intimate hygiene, hectic office schedule and family responsibilities make several women tend to neglect this important aspect of health.

We bring you five key intimate hygiene rules to steer away worries related to [email protected] discharge, irritation, itching and [email protected] odour. But remember – practice, more than just mere knowledge, will make the difference!

everteen, the feminine hygiene expert, partners with Woman’s Era to bring you tips for maintaining a complete feminine intimate hygiene…


If you think soap is enough for [email protected] hygiene, think again. Some soaps can do more harm than good. Also, while that tempting aromatic body wash may feel great on other body parts, yet it is best to keep it away from the genital area. Soap and scented body washes can make the skin dry and irritated. The sensitive bikini line area needs to be handled delicately with specialized products like the everteen Natural Intimate Wash that maintain [email protected] pH balance, keep you bacteria-free and odourless, and are not harsh on the skin. Also ensure that you always wash the genitals from front to back, never backwards, so that the microbes in the [email protected] region will not pass on to the [email protected] Even when removing *pubic* hair, always use a specialized bikini line hair remover that will not cause skin darkening, burning, itching or bad odour.


It is a very wrong practice to use douche and sprays to clean the [email protected] They wash away the healthy bacteria responsible for natural secretions and cleaning. Also, never use an unclean washcloth to scrub your [email protected] as it can hold germs. Instead, you should use good quality, soft and natural intimate wipes exclusively made for the [email protected] area. While buying, pay attention that these must be hypoallergenic and free from paraben, SLS and alcohol, so you know they will provide your bikini area with the gentlest cleaning.


Believe it or not, some women give up on cleanliness during *periods*, knowing that they will be messy, and nothing can be done about it. At times, they are not even present for their resignation about the need for intimate hygiene during these five days. However, nothing could be farther from the truth! During menstruation, it becomes even more important to keep your [email protected] clean and fresh. This is the time when *period* flow can accumulate and make a breeding ground for germs. Use intimate wash often, for example, every time you change your sanitary product, take a bath or pee. Also, while your sanitary napkins, tampons or menstrual cups may have a capability for continuous use up to 8-10 hours, it is in your interest to make sure you change (or empty) them after every 4-6 hours, especially during the day.


Always avoid wearing synthetic inner wear especially if it is tight fitting. Prefer cotton panties. Synthetic lingerie is harmful to sensitive skin. The fibres present in the synthetic cloth are known to retain moisture that keeps the area damp and sweaty. This promotes infections which often leads to irritation, itching and odour. Cotton panties, on the other hand, not only absorb moisture but also let your intimate area breath.


Another thing to keep in mind is to keep monitoring if your panty has become wet due to [email protected] leakage, spotting, sweat, rain, swimming or other reasons. If yes, change it immediately. Remember – dampness is the biggest cause of bacterial growth. And if you ignore it, such infections can persist for a long time. But keeping a check on panties every now and then can be tedious. An easy way to keep your panties dry and clean throughout the day is to opt for cotton-top panty liners, so you don’t need to be bogged down with any back-of-mind worries about frequent wetness around your intimate areas.

If you follow these five intimate hygiene rules religiously and diligently, your diva diary may soon read something like this –

My Dear Intimate Diary,

I can’t tell you how happy I am – outside and from within. I have found four simple rules that have turned around my intimate agony into joy. I never thought this was possible. Now, no more Shhh…! I wish every woman and girl will shun away embarrassment and experience this sense of freedom. My body is my friend now and I am committed to taking its care properly.

Liked this article? Don’t forget to share it with other women in your circles. Also, check out our other articles in this everteen® Feminine Intimate Hygiene Secrets series.

If you liked the tips in this article, please don’t forget to share with other women in your circles. Also check out other articles in our everteen Feminine Intimate Hygiene Secrets and stay safe.

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