The Film Starring Ranbir Kapoor & Shraddha Kapoor Is In Trouble Workers Protest Again Over Non-Payment Issue

Later, the police intervened and took the workers to Aarey Police Station. One of the most eagerly anticipated films is Luv Ranjan’s next feature, which stars Ranbir Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The project began shooting last year, and only a few dates remain to be filled. In the middle of this, the picture has run into difficulty once again due to labour unrest.

A tense scenario erupted on the set of the film in Mumbai’s Royal Palms in Goregaon in March. Workers who had previously worked on a song for this film stormed the set, saying that 350 members of their fraternity had not been paid for Rs 1 crore, 22 lakh.

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Later, the police intervened and took the workers to Aarey Police Station. Later, the police union arrived at the police station to liberate them. According to the ETimes, a group of labourers staged another protest at work, this time by laying down their tools as the Ranbir Kapoor film’s set was being built in Chitrakoot.

“Yes, this happened today on the set of Luv Ranjan’s upcoming film,” claimed FWICE General Secretary Ashok Dubey to the publication, confirming the occurrence with the Ranbir Kapoor project. This is an act of solidarity with the workers who have yet to be paid. First and foremost, the Kandivli workers were not compensated. Later, they fired at The Royal Palms, where they summoned the second group of workers, who have also not been paid in full – several Rs 12.5 lakh remains unpaid. Following that, they shot at a set in Chitrakoot, Andheri. The shooting takes place on a single set.

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They were working on another set in the adjacent space, but the workers had to stop today. A new set of workers was also used here.”

According to Ashok Dubey, the incident occurred after FWICE communicated with Luv Films, but the latter declined to take responsibility. He said, “Unhone apne haath upar kar diye.”

Luv Films had previously written to FWICE and other unions in advance of the workers’ initial strike. Production Designer Dipankar Das Gupta, Jaishankar, and Gautam of Hyperlink are said to be to blame for the shambles. Dipankar said that he had outsourced the project to a business called Hyperlink, which had then outsourced it to Prashant Vichare. This has caused a lot of confusion.

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