“The Focus Is Now Less On TV As Now I Want To Do Roles That I Have Not Done So Far,” Says Actor Hiten Tejwani

Actor Hiten Tejwani loves his OTT performance. The actor is grateful that television made him famous and made his name, but now his focus is on digital space. The last time he was seen in the Tandav series, he has shot three projects. “I have wrapped up a short film which is ready for festivals and two OTT series which are in post-production. Since they have not been announced yet, I can’t talk about it right now. Planning about the next is on,” says the Big Boss 11 contestant.

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For now, he is focusing on web series. “Comparatively, the focus is now less on TV as now I want to do roles that I have not done so far. I respect the TV medium as through it I have got my identity. So, I will never say that I won’t do TV anymore! But the problem is commitment of long dates and repetition of the same kind of roles…kab tak wahi seedha-sadha accha baccha (good person) wala kirdaar karunga!”

All praise for streaming media, he says, “On OTT, we have a short date engagement and writers-directors think out of the box. They offer diversified roles that people won’t expect me to do! We as actors also enjoy it, for one, they’re challenging and then you get creative satisfaction. Like, in Tandav, people saw me in a different avatar which has some shades of grey as well. Since then, people started seeing me in a new light and the roles that came my way even surprised me. All the three projects I have done of late are very diverse.”

I want to explore films, says Hiten Tejwani

The actor is pleased that his film has been published successfully and reaches a wide audience. “Film Shorgul (2017), which we shot in Lucknow only, got a small release and nothing happened about it but on OTT it got a good response and people often talk to me about it. My last film Nobel Peace (2020), where I played the parallel lead, got rave reviews in film fests and also a good audience on OTT,” he says.

Tejwani was supposed to shoot the series in Lucknow, but it was postponed. “We were supposed to shoot in September but it got delayed and now combined dates have gone haywire. Now, it’s a big task that everyone’s dates fall in place so let’s see. I guess with two waves this has happened to a lot of projects but it is beyond our control.”

He is pleased that normality has returned, but he will not give up. “Slowly things have gotten back to normal. Most of us are now doubly vaccinated but being a responsible family person and having children at home all precautions are being followed religiously,” he adds.

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