This is what shape of your belly button reveals about your personality!

Right from your eyes to your toes, size and shape of your every body part has a direct significance on your personality. And the same goes for your belly button as well. People have different kinds of belly buttons and how much they say about your personality is more than what you ever thought! While some people have protruding navels, some people’s belly buttons look like digs – and each type brings along a unique set of traits to your overall personality.

Following is the picture which shows different types of navels and below it are the interesting revelations!

1. Protruding Navel: The belly button that sticks out is a symbol of strong character. It signifies stubborn nature and also a lot of perseverance. People with this type of navel love being the center of attention. Relationships of such people last long as they spend enough time looking for a compatible partner.

2. Quite Deep: The ones with big and deep buttons are generous and have big hearts. They keep their hardships to themselves and do not easily open up about it. They are empathetic and treat people very nicely. Having witnessed so many different experiences in life, your judge people and situations quite well.

3. Small and shallow: This kind of belly button signifies a dark personality. Such people are amazing secret keepers and are good at understanding the negative aspects of people. They themselves are very secretive personalities and are highly skeptical in nature.

4. Long: This downward belly button manifests low energy levels. Such people are not much interested in manual tasks but nail the tasks that require intelligence. You are instilled with heaps of laziness but it laziness also makes you quite smart.

5. Oval: If you have this type of navel, you are very vulnerable. You are impatient and thus get fed up very easily. Staying busy and doing new things is all you wanna do. Also, you take things so seriously that you end up hurting yourself quite often. But you choose to remain silent and bear the pain all by yourself.

6. Wide Belly Button: People of this type of belly button are always attentive and always on their toes to tackle any sort of situation. These people do not trust anyone easily. However, you endlessly care and love the people who matter to you. And last but not the least, you treat others the way they treat you.

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