The Value Of Small Changes For The Achievement Of Your Well-Being

States of inner calmness and serenity, contrary to what one might think, are directly linked to the quality of our lifestyle, our health, and are directly responsible for the good functioning of the organism in all circumstances of our lives. Many people are accustomed to thinking of well-being as a complex and almost unattainable goal, as if gigantic sacrifices had to be made to achieve it. In the collective imagination, in fact, the state of well-being is almost always associated with participation in exclusive yoga clubs, expensive gym classes, or equally expensive sessions with some expert capable of transforming us into the best version of ourselves.

But well-being has nothing to do with the glitz of exclusivity: the idea that the most pleasant states of existence can only be achieved by spending large sums of money is, in fact, completely false. It is also completely misleading, because in this way people will continue to perceive the state of well-being as an achievement reserved for the few, only for those who possess large amounts of time and, above all, large sums of money to devote to these ends. What if you were told that well-being is right there, within your grasp, and that it is attainable by everyone with a few small daily efforts? It is truly paradoxical that people have a fear of achieving their physical and mental well-being, as if they were already certain that they could never achieve this, or as if it could only be achieved through unimaginable efforts. 

A gradual change 

The reality is quite different. In order to change your life, you will not have to shell out large sums of money, nor will you have to give up your precious time. The change in your daily routine does not have to be drastic, but gradual. By acquiring a small daily habit, a small activity that takes up even five or ten minutes of your time, you will notice big improvements even within one or two months, in a completely unexpected and surprising way. All you need is a strong desire to change and an unwavering motivation, leading you straight towards success. Excessive changes are useless: in most cases, those who decide to change their lives too drastically, incorporating demanding habits that keep them busy for even one or two hours a day, often end up failing in their intentions, due to the excessive suddenness of the change and the suddenness of giving up some of their previous habits, which almost always bring with them discontent and frustration. 

The quality of habits 

To start gradually, very slowly, you can decide to make small changes to your daily menu. Consciously start by reducing the number of meals from three to two, or even just one. In the mornings, favour fresh fruit or fruit juices, trying to avoid stimulating drinks as much as possible. Then commit to eating light foods that does not hinder your mental activities in any way during the remaining hours of the day, and in the evening try to go to bed earlier than usual, without eating anything and keeping away from your smartphone for at least half an hour or an hour before going to bed. These small changes will not disrupt your life, nor will they force you to wallow in irritation. Within a month or two, when you start to notice the first benefits on your body and your well-being, you will be absolutely amazed. 

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A small change made today could change our lives tomorrow, and forever. All you have to do is start acting now, without wasting a single moment.