The Weeknd Concert: Man Dies After Falling 40 Feet Down From Escalator; Deets Inside

An escalator accident during the time of the launch of singer The Weeknds’ US tour in 2022 resulted in a man’s death after he fell 40 feet.

After the event at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, the victim, Hugo Sanchez Marquez, 32, was sitting on an escalator rail when he fell and received serious head injuries, according to authorities.

After the event, he was taken to the hospital where, in accordance with the police, he was declared dead shortly after midnight. Police are looking into the occurrence, however, it is thought to be such a mishap.

The Weeknd

The Philadelphia Flyer was informed by the city police that “none wrongdoing is detected.”

Jammal Ransom, a colleague of Sanchez Marquez, told ABC6: “Hugo was an amazing person. He enjoys travelling. He was a reliable friend.

At The Rothenberg Law Firm, a personal injury practise with locations in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York, Sanchez Marquez worked as a paralegal.

The Weeknd

Although his After Hours to Dawn tour proceeded last Saturday in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and continues this Thursday in Boston, The Weeknd has not yet made a public statement regarding the unfortunate incident.

“Philadelphia we finally did it,” he said on his Instagram story after the show. I appreciate you assisting me from the beginning of the tour. “Last evening was painful for us all,” he continued. I felt each and every one of you. NEW YORK is the next destination!

Both The Weeknd’s After Hours (2020) and Dawn FM’s (2022) albums are supported by the tour. Due to the epidemic, the tour was delayed twice.


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