The World’s Oldest Living Aquarium Fish: Methuselah

Methuselah is the oldest living aquarium fish in the world. It eats fresh figs. Likes to rub the belly. There is a story in the Bible that states that Noah’s grandfather’s name was Methuselah. She lived for about 969 years. The fish Methuselah is not that old, its age is 90 years.

According to Research

There is a story in the Bible which states that Noah's grandfather's name was Methuselah.  He lived for about 969 years. 

The biologists from the California Academy of Sciences, no other fish of this age is in any aquarium. Methuselah is about 4 feet long and weighs 18.1 kg. This is an Australian Lungfish. Which was brought from Australia to the San Francisco Museum in 1938.

1947: First and Ever News Of Methuselah

It is such a species of fish that has both lungs and gills. The Australian lungfish is considered a link between fish and amphibians. The news about this was first published in the San Francisco Chronicles newspaper in the year 1947.  In which it was said that this is a strange creature. Which has green scales. It can be the link between marine and land organisms.

In the year 2017, a 95-year-old Australian lungfish present at the Shedd Museum in Chicago died. Whose name was Granddad? After that Methuselah came to be called the oldest living aquarium fish. According to Ellen Jan, senior biologist at the California Academy of Sciences, Methuselah is the female world’s oldest fish. However, it is very difficult to detect, as it can be dangerous to draw blood from the body of this species.

Ellen Jan From California: Senior Biologist Said

Ellen Jan said that we are preparing to send a small sample of its fins to Australian researchers so that its gender and its exact age can be estimated. Methuselah likes to be massaged on her back and abdomen. This shows his soft nature.

Ellen says that I tell my employees that this is a loving puppy living underwater. But if it gets angry then no one can stand in front of its energy. But usually, it remains silent. Methuselah has a taste for seasonal dishes. She generally loves seasonal figures.


Methuselah loves fresh figs. If you give frozen figs, she will not eat. Turns her face. There are two more such Australian lungfish in the academy. Whose age is between 40 and 50 years? The species of Australian lungfish is on the verge of extinction. Now taking this fish from the aquatic sources of Australia to some other place is not right according to the environment and species.

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