There’s A Huge Collaboration Involving Me And Sisters In The Pipeline Says Neeti Mohan

Neeti Mohan is 42 years old today. She plans to spend the day with her family, The singer will be spending the day working but plans on taking out time to be with her family. “I’ve resumed work but my baby, Aryaveer, will be with me. I’ve always enjoyed working on my birthday. It’s a blessing to be busy. But I’ve always been someone who balances both”, she says, adding that this birthday will be special as this is her first post motherhood.

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A few days ago, Mohan hosted her first live gig after the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. But she decided to take her son with her. “I recently traveled to Kolkata for my show. I took him along with me because he’s too small and I can’t leave him when I go out of the station, as yet.”

She admits that her family provided great support when she had to leave her baby to work. “I’m very attached to Aryaveer but I’ve put a great system in place where I’ve my mother or my mother-in-law or a help. My baby is never alone; one of us is always with him. My family helps me manage really well”, Mohan shares.

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Ask her if she’s looking forward to something special next year, and first-class (Kalank; 2019) singer reveals “There’s a huge collaboration involving me and sisters (Shakti Mohan and Mukti Mohan) in the pipeline. It’s been a while and we were waiting for things to get back to normal because we need a certain setup.”

Working with her siblings always makes for a smooth ride for Mohan. “As sisters and colleagues, we make a great partnership. We understand each other very well and we take over different departments such as production, creative, and costumes, and trust each other to fully manage the work”, she ends.

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