These Five Hacks Will Change Your Makeup Game This Winter!

Are you also one of those who find difficulty dealing with makeup in the winter season? Then no need to worry further because here are some of the best and easy makeup hacks that will make your makeup look dewy, flawless and non-cakey.

1. Switch to Moisturizing cleansers 

If you have been using harsh moisturizers on your already dried-up winter skin, switch to Moisturizing Cleansers as soon as possible. Winter skin is supposed to be dry and itchy, but using normal face wash on already dry winter skin, could make your skin condition even worse. Moisturizing Cleansers are light and moisturizing facial foams that are specially designed for winter skin. It instantly moisturizes your skin in just one wash and adds a healthy glow and bounce to it. It also removes winter itchiness and redness and leaves your skin dewy and healthy all day long.

2. Start Using Glow Mists and setting Sprays

If you are struggling with a dull and cakey base, start using glow mists at the beginning of the makeup setting spays after the application of your makeup. Glow mists are used at the beginning of the makeup and help in hydrating your skin and removing all sorts of dryness. In case, if you are not much familiar with glow mists you can also switch to makeup setting spray, as it makes your makeup base look more lustrous, moisturized and non-cakey.

3. Say no to Powder Blush and Highlighter

Using powder blush and highlighter on dry winter skin will make it look more dry and cakey. Switch to liquid blush and highlighter, this winter season to get a non-cakey and dewy base. In case, you don’t want to spend your money on liquid blushers and highlighters, any coloured tint or lip balm can do wonders on your cheeks!

4. Always Moisturize before makeup application

The biggest mistake that majority of the people do, is to directly apply foundation without properly moisturizing their skin. Applying foundation directly to the skin will make it difficult to blend and it will also appear cakey. Moisturizing and massaging your face before makeup application can do wonders on your skin and can help you reach that perfect flawless base very easily.

5. Switch to Ice Facial

Dipping your face in a bowl full of ice can instantly make your skin look tight, glowing, and moisturized. Applying Ice before makeup application helps makeup to last longer and provides a flawless, less cakey base very naturally.

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