One of the most traumatizing events in one’s life is that of being cheated upon. It makes a person disappointed in the outlook towards the joys of life. It becomes highly difficult for a person to start believing in love and trust people.

Here are things which should be never be said to a person who has been cheated upon:

  • You are carrying a baggage of your insecurities:-

One must never say that a partner is carrying a baggage of their insecurities. It is natural to have a baggage when one has been cheated upon. The partner only tends to share it with their partner because they feel they are close to them and they would be understood well by them.

The baggage will slowly and steadily go away as they would develop complete trust in you which they had lost in a very harsh way.

  • I don’t need to explain my things to you all the time:-

There are days when we all our worked up. It is natural to get angry at times on our partner. However a statement like I don’t need to explain to you all the time can mentally affect them. It would make them think of the things that you are trying to hide or avoid telling them due to the nature they have developed due to the cheating experience in the past. The only thing which would happen with statements like these is that a communication barrier would come up and ruin your relationship.

  • Don’t compare me with your ex mentally. I am not like what they did to you:-

It is very normal for one to think that their partner is comparing them with their ex mentally especially when they are carrying a baggage of their past relationship. They would never want to compare you with their ex as that relationship was a haunting experience for them and still haunts them till date. They don’t remember the memories of their past relationship in a fond way rather they despise it. The statement of their partner being compared to their ex brings back all the negativities of the past relationship which they had faced.

  • Stop acting like a creep:-

No one likes to be called a creep. The constant insecurity and sticky behaviour could get on anyone’s nerves. They tend to behave like that because they are scared of having a failed relationship again or their partner moving on to someone else. They have already faced the brunt of being cheated upon. They can’t go through the traumatizing experience again.

They know what it feels like to lose a loved one

  • I don’t have the time to deal with your insecurities and possessiveness all the time:-

The only thing that matters to them is your time. They want to spend all the time they have with you. They tend to be possessive and have loads of insecurities for you because they truly love you and are scared of losing you.

  • You need to get over whatever had happened in the past:-

This is one of the most hurting statements for them. The past for them is a haunting experience which haunts them with anything when something similar happens.

They will get over it gradually with the love and care of their partner.


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