No matter where you travel, unexpected costs come up when you least expect them. All the last-minute fairs to great places you didn’t know about or the unbudgeted but amazing encounters with a new destination should not be compromised. So, we bring to you an another way to enjoy Delhi without losing control of your budget.

Here are few best things to do in Delhi for free that don’t cost you a thing, just like JLo’s love.

  • Have langar at Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

Free meals served with love should never be missed especially when its both delicious and heartwarming. It is believed that Gurudwara serves around 10,000 visitors every day –  well that is something to be proud of!

  • Changing of the guards at Rashtrapati Bhavan

The oldest regiment of Indian army that guards the president of India exchanges its duty showcasing an exhilarating display of pride, valor and discipline. It takes place every Saturday morning, all you need is a photo ID.

  • Raahgiri

Raahigiri is all about the rebellion of occupying the streets from motored vehicles. On every Sunday morning, the roads of Connaught Place, Gurgaon and Dwarka are car free, crowded with people encouraged to cycle, kids indulges in lots of physical activities, and organised sessions of fitness groups.

  • Film Screenings

Insituto Cervantes, Indian Habitat Centre, American Centre, Alliance Francaise in Delhi regularly hold screenings of classic movies, documentaries, Oscar nominated films and blockbuster movies, all for free, you just have to get there on time.

  • Delhi Pencil Jammers

An open community that conducts free sessions, events and jams for those who love to draw.

  • Open Air Gyms

You’ll be happy to know that NDMC has recently installed open air gyms in and around the city available to use for free. A major attraction for the locals.

  • Listen to qawwalis at Nizamuddin Auliya Dargah

Listening to soulful songs at Nizamuddin Auliys Dargah is a beautiful experience that comes absolutely free in Delhi. Even if you don’t understand the words, the hymn will take you to a different world.