Things You Need To Know About Сrow’s Feet And How To Get Rid Of It

Crow’s feet are like a horror story for those approaching their 30s. It’s that sign of aging that many dread the most, because it’s the first visible one and it’s on your face, so you can’t really hide it. Well, you can try to, but will that really work? That’s the question many have asked themselves and searched the internet for answers. So let’s talk about crow’s feet, what we need to know about them and what’s the best way to get rid of them.

Crow’s feet meaning can be interpreted in many ways. You probably are here because you’ve heard the expression crow’s feet eyes and know that it’s the formation of wrinkles around your eyes and especially at the outer corner of your eyes that happen from repetitive motions like squinting, laughing and smiling. It’s a natural occurrence and happens because with aging your skin loses its elasticity, so the creases you get in your face from expression emotions become more permanent instead of smoothing out as they did before.

As it is with most things prevention is the best way to avoid crow’s feet. Make sure to stay hydrated to keep your skin plumper. Use moisturizers and definitely use SPF because sun exposure is the worst enemy of our skin, it causes photo-aging and makes our skin all dry, cracked and saggy. On top of that, wearing sunglasses is a good idea as another layer of sun protection, and also to prevent squinting, which in turn will cause those pesky crow’s feet to show up on your face.

There are a few things you do when it comes to crow’s feet treatment. Picking a good eye cream that is hydrating and smoothing can help lessen the appearance of crow’s feet. Moisturizers with hyaluronic acid and glycerin are great and keeping the moisture level of your skin at the optimum level and therefore smoothing out some of the wrinkles.

There’s also a new thing that appeared on the market – topical botox application. There are products like creams and serums that have botox in them and if applied topically they can mimic the effect of Botox, but again, that’s something you should talk about with your dermatologist.

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