Ending a relationship is always a difficult task. There is always a reason for you or your partner to start pulling back. However still the sweet memories pull you back to your partner and make it difficult for you to move on in life.

One should never stick to a relationship due to the burden of the sweet memories they cherished together. Rather there is always hope for things to work in the future if the toxicity is stopped at the very moment when it starts. If one allows the abuse to continue longer then there is no hope for getting back together because the only memories which will be over power you would be that of abuse.

Thereafter one should never say these things of you are trying to distance.

  • Call me once you reach back home safely:-

The statement that call me once you reach back home shows the love and concern you have for them. It is natural to not lose all the love and care you have had for them in the past. However the concern and love that you tend to demonstrate at this juncture would make it difficult for you to move on in life. Therefore it is best to discontinue being emotionally attached to them.

  • Following of any rituals like wake up calls:-

Everyone tends to have their own relationship rituals like wake up calls or good night calls.

Following those rituals is an indication that you want to take your relationship forward because you are still complying with the norms which were set by both of you.

It will only make it difficult for the both of you to move forward in life.

  • Discussing old memories:-


The discussion of old memories is only going to take an emotional toll on your being. You will feel emotionally drained by the thought of moving on in life and it will further make it more difficult for you to move on.

  • Talking to their family like they are your family:-

Majority of the people are well connected to their partner’s family when they are in a relationship. One must stop unnecessary contact with them when they are trying to distance themselves because they are going to feel an emotional load of guilt towards the family as well. The family will try to tell them their own opinions and make it more difficult for you to move on.

  • Instantly replying to their calls and messages:-

Stop replying to their calls and messages instantly. Let them know that you are trying to move away from them. Don’t keep them in false hopes and illusions when you yourself are not ready to stay with them any longer.

  • Revolving your life around them:-

It is natural that our lives start to revolve around the people we love. However if you are trying to move on you need to stop revolving your life around them because you are going to only feel more terrible when they will not be there with you. You can simply utilise that time for yourself doing other activities.


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