This American Singer Played Cupid Between Armaan Malik And His Fiancée Aashna Shroff!!!!

When two talented musicians from different backgrounds get together, fascinating talks about everything from life to music start to happen. Similarly, American singer-songwriter Lauv joined singer-songwriter Armaan Malik on his international radio programme “Only Just Begun.”

Their sincere chat curiously brought listeners back to Lauv’s visit to India in January of this year. Both performers wowed the crowd at Lollapalooza India. Armaan Malik and Lauv’s performance of the hit song “I am so tired…” went viral very fast, leaving fans eager for more music from the two of them.

Lauv The Happy Pill

On the show, Armaan Malik described Lauv as his “happy pill” and discussed how the viral hit song “I Like Me Better” helped him start his “Lauv Story” with his now-fiance, Aashna Shroff. He narrated how she got obsessed with the song.

Armaan Malik shared, “I heard ‘I Like Me Better’, and I got obsessed with it. And shortly after, I started getting romantically engaged with Aashna, who’s my fiancé right now. I made you meet her as well. Out of the blue, just a few months in, I sent her the song, and she was like, Wait, ‘All these months he has been talking to me, and then he says, ‘I Like Me Better’? She was so confused, then she heard it and got the signal that I was trying to convey to her through that song. So, I’ve got to tell you that “I Like Me Better” is literally the reason that I am with my partner right now, we are engaged, and we are going to soon be married as well. So you’ve been a part of our ‘Lauv Story’ in a way.”

Lauv responded wholeheartedly to the same and asked for a hug, saying, “I need a hug, this is so cute!”


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Armaan Malik expressed his excitement for the episode on social media, sharing, “The secret’s out! I’m thrilled to announce that this week’s episode features my absolute fav artist, @lauvsongs”


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