“This Can’t Be My Home,” Mira Kapoor Reacts To The Heavily Polluted Air In Delhi – Deets Inside

Shahid Kapoor’s wife Mira Rajput went to Instagram on Friday and expressed disappointment with the heavily polluted air in New Delhi. The 27-year-old was born and raised in the capital after she married an actor and before she moved to Mumbai. Mira Rajput first shared a post indicating the air quality level in New Delhi a day after Diwali celebrations and wrote, “Seriously why? Who is even bursting these crackers?” She also urged everyone to stop doing that.

She then shared a picture of the city’s skyline covered in smog on her Instagram Stories and wrote, “This can’t be my home… Please let’s do our bit. Don’t burn crackers, segregate your waste (whatever isn’t gets burnt) and support groups that are creating awareness about the stubble burning.”

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On Friday morning, the day after Diwali, Delhi fell into the “dangerous” air quality category. Fine Dust Concentration (PM) 2.5 was recorded at Janpath on Friday morning at 655.07 according to ANI. According to government standards, PM2.5 concentrations above 380 are labeled as “severe”. The news agency also said the firecrackers exploded, exacerbating the deterioration of urban air quality as the contributions from farm fires and stubble increased.

Mira has been stationed in Punjab for almost two years with Shahid Kapoor and her children Misha and Zain. In an interview, the two mothers said they first traveled to Punjab for a break just days before the Covid 19 lockdown in March 2020. But since then, they have stayed there.

“We moved just days before the lockdown happened. We kinda felt like maybe we should take off for a little while. I thought we were moving away for two weeks till things settle down. Now nobody knew that things would take two years to settle down. So we’ve been here (Amritsar) ever since. It’s been lovely because my parents are nearby and my in-laws have a home near so the kids are hopping and skipping from one home to another so it’s great,” she said. However, she and Shahid have been frequently visiting Mumbai.

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