This ex-Bigg Boss contestant is getting trolled for posting a dance VIDEO

Social media has brought us all so close. The medium works wonders by not by keeping us connected all day but also by keeping us entertained all the time. However, little do we understand the kind of troubles it is creating for all of us. In this race to be active online all day and not miss what’s going around, we make a lot of mistakes. Especially for celebrities, these social media platforms play a key role in connecting them to their fans.

Celebrities make sure that they share new pictures and videos with their fans every day. Bigg Boss 10 finalist Manu Punjabi won many hearts while he was inside the Bigg Boss house. Though he entered the house as a commoner, he too is one among the celebrities. He has a great fan following and to keep his fans engaged, he keeps sharing pictures and videos over his social media handles.

Now recently, Manu recorded a video. In the video, he can be seen singing and dancing to the song, Galti Se Mistake while driving. While he makes this video, he can be seen dancing, leaving the steering wheel. He is also not wearing a seat belt in the video.

This video of his has backfired him and he is getting trolled badly for his carelessness while driving a car. People started commenting on his video, asking him to wear a seat belt, concentrate on driving and many more. Here are some of them:

Here is the video of Manu Punjabi dancing in his car:


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